Cannabis as Natural Healing

One of the longest standing approaches to treating sicknesses on this planet has been through plant medicines. For tens of thousands of years, plants, in their various preparations, have been administered to keep people alive and well. Whether the herbal system has been Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine or Western Medicine, plant medicines have a long history of effective and generally safe cures. Known by many names – herbology or herbalism, plant medicine, green medicine, or phytomedicine - the use of Nature’s plants has provided an abundance of the fundamentals we require to stay healthy.

Occurring within each herb is the exact balance of minerals, chemically active synergistic ingredients and energy, that allows the herb to heal our bodies. When left intact, the effect of each plant within our systems will be balanced because the plant itself is balanced. Allopathic medicine has attempted to replicate Mother Nature’s formulas by synthetically reproducing only the active ingredients. This is why there are so many side effects with medication: the formula is altered and imbalanced. Thankfully the teachings from the great herbalists of the past have shown us how to avoid this pitfall. From their knowledge we know how to prepare and administer plants for maximum benefit.

The Plant

As with all herbs, Cannabis has active ingredients and nutrients. As a plant, Cannabis is a mega food. It contains all the amino acids (making it a complete protein), has hundreds of flavonoids, two hundred terpenes, and more than one hundred cannabinoids. It is a green food, full of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. This load of nutrients will feed our bodies while we are sick, giving it vital energy for the actual healing of tissues. As a herb, specific compounds of Cannabis bind to receptor sites in our brains and most of our internal organs. When those molecules bind to the receptor sites, like a key fitting into a lock, the effects on our health can be felt quite quickly. Every part of our body, healthy and unhealthy alike, can benefit from this amazing plant when we ingest it.