Cannabis and Aging

What has been called the “golden years” can be some of the most difficult times in one’s life, full of transitions of homes, spousal loss, and medical conditions that often come with age.

Seniors all over the world are now turning to cannabis as an alternative to strong prescription medications and to find joy and quality of life in the years that should be nothing but golden.

Prevalence of Cannabis Use in Seniors

According to Scientific American, marijuana use has increased in adults between ages 50 to 64 by over 60% since 2006. More surprisingly, adults over the age of 65, cannabis use has increased by 250%.

In Canada specifically, cannabis use among those 65 and older is increasing, according to Statistics Canada, but true data is lacking within Health Canada to adequately assess how many cannabis users are 65 and older. We can ascertain seniors’ use from what data we do have available. For instance, in 2013, Statistics Canada